I am a 22-year-old born in AZ and raised in UT. I love adventures + donuts + fun-loving people. My passion for photography started when I lived in New York and every chance I could get I would go to the city to capture all the unique architecture, cultures, and people.


I was blessed to marry my best friend Kyle almost 4 years ago, which I still crazy to me! It has been the BEST choice I ever made, he has been my right-hand man, always helping me follow my dreams.  Over the last few wild and fun years, I’ve traveled the country with my hubby, from San Francisco to New York and so many beautiful places and people in between.  Having the chance to travel so much has only brought a greater appreciation of people in this world. Reno-Tahoe is now the biggest little home for me,  and I’m a true “Home Means Nevada” girl now!  I have fallen in love with the prettiest landscapes and so many people/dreamers, who inspire me everyday.


After being asked where my passion for photography comes from, I’ve found that it just reflects the joy of making those around me feel comfortable, loved, and happy. My favorite part is becoming best friends with all my beautiful clients!  I hope to make each photo I shoot special in its own way and I love that I get to share those wonderful memories with so many new and radiant individuals, families, and couples.

Now that you know me, tell me a little about you!